The Planning Guide is a tool we use to help us get a better idea of your project as well as get together some basic information about your dream space. Fill out the planning guide below to help narrow down your needs and wants for the space.

Before you get started

“Basic Needs” is for the minimal expectations for the space.
Example: double ovens, 36″ refrigerator, microwave, dishwasher

“Special Functional Needs” adds some specifications to the Basic Needs information to specify what you need in order to function in the space.
Example: top oven to be at eye level, French doors on refrigerator, drawers in dishwasher, electric cooktop

“Special Desires” is the section for the personal needs for the space to make it a comfortable space to live in.
Example: baking center, space for recycling, island with seating

“Decor Wishes” are the specifics about your likes and dislikes about the space and wishes for appliances, hardware, paint, etc.
Example: prefer stainless steel appliances, granite countertops, no wallpaper, would like maple cabinets, love glass tile.

The Design Source Work

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    Our Design Process

    Our design process is simple.


    Our first meeting includes a consultation and full discussion of the project with all the decision makers. We'll take notes, measurements, and inventory the existing elements in the spaces that will be designed.


    We will develop and share a comprehensive plan that includes any necessary space planning, drawings, and selections of materials that will fulfill your needs, incorporate your lifestyle, and address your concerns.


    We will continue to meet to review design ideas and plans that meet your project goals. We'll even help you develop a workable budget and help with the selection and supervision of laborers and installers as needed.